2022 Elections

2022 Elections 1


When redistricting will happen in Utah and how you can get involved.
Salt Lake Tribune, Bryan Schott May 24, 2021 (Short)

There are 11 public meetings scheduled throughout the state in the fall.

You will have nearly a dozen chances to weigh in before lawmakers redraw the state’s political boundaries based on population data from the 2020 census.

How those lines are drawn will impact the lives of every person in the state. They determine who represents Utahns in Congress, in the Legislature, and on the State School Board.

Utah’s redistricting may even play a part in which party controls Congress. Utah’s 4th Congressional District has been a swing seat since it was first created in 2012, moving from Republicans to Democrats four times in five elections.

The Legislative Redistricting Committee recently announced it has scheduled 11 public meetings, from Logan to St. George and other towns in-between. The forums will start in September.



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